Training and consulting in cross-cultural management and communication

The fact that English is the most spoken language world wide in the global situations we encounter more and more, does not mean that native speakers can just communicate and manage people because they master the language. An international assignment, working with overseas clients, doing business abroad, all mean meeting people whose behaviour and perception are not always easy to understand or to deal with.

That’s why cross-cultural training is nowadays a standard part of the preparation of large international companies, that have experienced that providing cultural training to employees who are tasked with working in an international environment can significantly reduce the risks inherent in this type of interaction.

Your investment in such a training course gives your employee appropriate knowledge in advance of unfamiliar future situations and allows them to skip a long process of trial and error that, besides the waste of time involved, can damage the relationship abroad and even spoil a deal. The tools provided in the training course quickly pay back your effort in terms of understanding and trust of your foreign stakeholders, as well as understanding your liabilities towards them.

In a cross-cultural training course by A V A N C E you become aware of the issues that challenge your intercultural competences in your project. Analyzing their impact and finding the appropriate answers enable you to create the right atmosphere for interaction, and to achieve prosperous cooperation with your partners.

A V A N C E is ready to investigate your specific issues and handle them together with you in all confidentiality to provide you with the needed keys and tools to feel self-assured when facing global situations.