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Over 15 years experience of language, cross-cultural management and communication training, gave A V A N C E the opportunity to develop an expert approach of challenges met by companies working in an international environment.

It is quite human to want to be understood before understanding the other. In fact, when conducting activities in international business, the other way around is of paramount importance! In order to reach a better understanding of your foreign stakeholders, we provide you with training, workshops and consultancy with two aims:

First, to increase your knowledge about your own culture, and examine it from the viewpoint of the cultural environment of the other. We mean here by culture behaviours, values, and unconscious assumptions. This enables you to review the differences, and consider the advantages and disadvantages that ensue for the specific management of your project.

Second, we propose to check your intercultural competencies, and to investigate with you how to improve and strengthen them in order to improve the aimed partnership. This enables a confident and efficient approach of your project, in terms of human investment.

Case studies will complete your training, eventually focusing on your personal challenges, putting the learned knowledge en competences into practice in order to improve intercultural skills and revise former attitudes in challenge solving. This will enable a serene and innovative look at the new opportunities to come across in your international activities.

We are bound through our deontology to professional secrecy at all levels of communication with your company. We would be glad to answer all your questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Jean-Pierre Perroud

AVANCE headquarters in The Netherlands
Active in the Netherlands and abroad, specially in France since 1995.

Een expat curriculum
An expatriate curriculum Jean-Pierre Perroud settled in The Netherlands in the early 70's, coming from France, where he studied Psychology at Grenoble University, in the French Alps.He worked as a youth worker, as a musician, en as such travelled through China in the late 80's, and brought back a program about Chinese music for the Dutch radio. As a translator and an interpreter he moves to Surinam at the eve of the 90's, and works in the PR of a large company in French Guyana and as a French teacher in Paramaribo.

Back to the Netherlands, he gets a master degree in French Culture and Language at Leiden University, with a thesis on the needed intercultural competence for adaptation of expatriate managers. At the same time he teaches French as a second language at many language institutes, and gets trained at the Dutch Royal Tropical Institute to become a trainer in Cross-cultural Management and Communication. He has been working for the last ten years as such, and conducted several missions in North and West Africa.

A network of international experts
Thanks to his own cross-cultural experience in four continents and his federative talent, Jean-Pierre Perroud succeeded in building up a network of international experts, who contribute to the specific A V A N C E training
and workshops that cover numerous countries of the world.

Jean-Pierre Perroud has provided the next companies with trainings, workshop and consultancy:

ABN amro AGIS Air France - KLM Akzo Nobel
ARCADIS ASML Auto Pon international Cargill
DHV DSM Eureko Heineken ING
Min Buza Océ Philips Rabobank Shell
Tropen Instituut Vopak